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Why Work With Crosly & Associates

At Crosly & Associates, our expertise in analytics search is anchored by our education as well as our industry experience. We are dedicated to truly understanding the nature of our clients� businesses as well as the specific skill sets our clients desire in their candidates.

We present only candidates that are:

  • capable (of performing the specific tasks our clients require)
  • interested (in our clients� opportunities for the right reasons) and
  • affordable (per our clients� compensation programs)

Our hands-on experiences in the analytics work space afford us the unique ability to very effectively �talk shop� with the most seasoned analytics candidates at all levels. We expertly qualify these candidates while simultaneously providing them with deep technical insight on the positions and employers we represent. By only presenting candidates that have been analytically screened, we make sure our clients' time is spent on the right candidates.

There are numerous benefits to working with Crosly & Associates:

  • Expedient access to top quality passive candidates
  • Reduced lag time when initiating talent searches
  • Freed-up client resources that remain directed on primary client business issues
  • Assurance that compensation stays at fair market level
  • Smooth and informed negotiation process that ensures all parties are satisfied

If you are an employer and would like to talk with us about utilizing our recruiting services, please email us at