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Why Work With Crosly & Associates

At Crosly & Associates, our expertise in analytics is anchored by our educations as well as our industry experiences. Our staff is highly trained in analytics and hold advanced technical degrees from top-tier institutions. This enables us to 'talk shop' with you and to understand both the technical and business components of your work and desired career path.

At Crosly & Associates, our mission critical goal is to foster long-term relationships with each of our candidates. Our team of consultants are interested in you the individual as much as we are in your credentials and career growth. We diligently strive to learn your specific objectives (short and long term), skill set strengths, your professional and personal concerns and requirements.

We never charge candidates, but we strongly endorse our role as available counsel to every candidate we present to any client. We are close at hand during the interview process and the final agreement / negotiation stages of every search assignment we conduct. We do this to ensure to ourselves, to our client companies, and to our candidates that our methodology delivers permanent solutions to every engagement we accept.

Ours is a nationwide coast to coast practice. By working with Crosly & Associates, you are exposed to the hidden job market, that is, those open opportunities which are not ever posted or listed or advertised.

As an analytically driven firm, we feel that numbers really tell the story. By working with Crosly & Associates you are working with a stable staff of recruiters. In an industry known for high turnover rates, Crosly & Associates has achieved a 0% employee turnover rate over the past 5 years. That means that the recruiters you work with now, will continue to be there for you throughout your career, and you'll never have to start over with someone new.

If you are a candidate considering expanding your analytics horizons and would like to talk with us about what kind of opportunities might be available, please email us at